(Teen Homeschoolers Radically Impacting Lexington County Lives)

THRILL is here to help parents as they school their teenagers through those sometimes difficult high school years. As our homeschoolers reach the high school years we begin to see how important it is to provide them with social interaction with others of their age. THRILL will provide opportunities for volunteer service to others, and ways in which to practice leadership skills. The monthly meetings and service projects will help the teens become a team as well as friends. We encourage your 8th-12th graders to join THRILL this year and we would love to have parents to get involved as well. Encourage your teens to serve others and come serve with them when you can.

THRILL will have monthly meetings. During these meetings we will talk about the last service project and plan for the next project. Sometimes we will have a special speaker to encourage and motivate the teens.

The volunteer service projects will be different every month. We hope to help your child find an area of volunteer service that they enjoy and would like to continue doing into adulthood. We recognize that your children probably already serve in their local church so these projects will focus on Christian and secular organizations in the community of Lexington County. They will have the opportunity to earn a Presidential Volunteer Service Award at the end of the year. The past two years THRILL has earned a gold group award for the number of hours served and several individuals earned awards also.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the THRILL Advisory Panel members.

Elizabeth Collins
Michelle Steyne

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