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Top 10 things you should know before homeschooling your children

1. Relax, you can do it!

2. Research and talk to other homeschoolers. Read lots of literature and good web sites. Go to a homeschool conference if possible.

3. Respect your husband's role as the head of the home. Ask his opinion, inform him of changes, and encourage him to be involved in the day-to-day school activities. Keep your relationship with him top priority

4. Remind others that they have the same option. Prepare yourself for opposition so you are not overwhelmed and filled with doubt as others question your reasons for homeschooling. Write your own Philosophy of Education: Reasons for homeschooling.

5. Recognize that all families are different as are our teaching and learning styles. Don't compare yourself or your children to other homeschoolers rather glean from their experiences.

6. Reach out to others. Don't isolate yourself. Find like minded people and share ideas and concerns. Support groups are a good starting point.

7. Recall why you are homeschooling to begin with and be assured by God's Word from Exodus 15:13
"In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed..."

8. Reduce stress, keep it simple! You don't have to cover everything in one year!

9. Re-evaluate regularly. Don't be afraid to change something that is not working whether it be a schedule or curriculum.

10. Remember as a home educator you are not training your children for Harvard but for Heaven! Who they are is so much more important than what they know!

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